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Self Healing Seminars

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Life Coaching

Habit building, emotional self care and creative goal sessions for a healthier mindset. Learning how to take care of yourself. Fad diets, fad workouts and bad habits are burning you out. Let’s start a journey that works for your own body and heals you which you can follow for the rest of your life!

Self Healing Seminar

This seminar is to teach you how to understand your own brain. Learning how to respect yourself, understanding your subconscious and becoming conscious. Training your brain to trust you. Also there will be workout tips and tricks and CPR/AED/First Aid non certification facts and review. I can come to your home, office or any other space to train you, family members, employees etc.

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Every single one of us will always have something in our way. Hurdles will test our patience, challenge our mental and physical abilities, or even make us come up with an excuse to set a goal aside for tomorrow. These hurdles can be scary, uncomfortable, different and even maddening.


I am here to guide you through some of the hurdles that you have at this very moment. We will take one step at a time. This 20ft hurdle will look and feel minuscule by the time you start implementing some of the tools I give you.

You will grow in confidence. Believing in yourself is the first step!

” The first and most important person you must believe in is yourself.”