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You are worthy of respect from yourself

How it works

how it works


Personal Training (Scaled Pricing)

30 and 60 minute sessions offered.

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Starting your journey

Longevity: Living a long, healthy and happy life.

Systems: Tools given to you that will be learned and applied.

If you want to start a healthy fulfilling journey, it will take time, patience, and dedication. The first step is to know, ‘ I am worthy of respect from myself.’ This should be your mantra. Letting go of what is and what could have been. Learning how to take control in areas of your life that can be controlled.

Starting over can be difficult. If you take the time to make the changes now, you will experience a happier and healthier future. It is your time to develop these tools and apply them to your everyday life.

I want to be your guide. I want to see you grow. I want to see you push through all of life’s obstacles. I want you to learn the systems I have created to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. No one should have to do this alone. It can be hard to ask for help. Let me be your guide.

Duck standing holding a towel


Failure is a superpower. Every time you fail your mind is watered with new ways you can accomplish your goals. Failing is part of succeeding. You have to find the path that fits you best, and that generally means testing out ones that don’t. It’s a necessary part of the journey.

Rebirth Through Destruction

In nature, as in life, truly terrible events offer us an opportunity to grow and begin anew. The Earth itself was created through cosmic chaos; today, it is a sanctuary for the beauty that is life. Destruction is an essential part of growth. It seeds opportunity. This principle can be tied directly into our own human consciousness. The subconscious is responsible for 95% of our thoughts, unknowingly, controlling our habits and behaviors. When we allow ourselves to become aware of our destructive thoughts, we can learn to embrace them. By liberating our minds from these detrimental behaviors, we develop a true superpower, rebirth through destruction.



  • Dr. G Lozada

    Dr. G Lozada Testimonials
  • Dr. Roopa Bansal

    Roopa Bansal Testimonials
  • Emmy Hadley

    Having Natasha as my personal trainer has changed my life in the best way possible! She has helped me become emotionally and physically the strongest I’ve EVER been. She is patient, loving, and so incredibly knowledgeable about her craft. Having struggled with body image my whole life, I was nervous to build a relationship with a personal trainer. Natasha has encouraged me every step of the way and created a safe, positive, and uplifting environment to grow and learn. I owe a million thanks to Natasha for bettering me for life! Early on in training she discovered I had issues with my feet that inhibited me from training my best. I immediately sought out chiropractic care and was so grateful she was able to catch the issue early on. I’ve learned valuable skills such as how to properly and safely lift weights, engage my core in all that I do, and rework basic movements such as standing up from a sitting position so that I stay strong for life! I am a professional dancer/choreographer, any time I have had pain while dancing I have been able to go over my dance movements and she has been able to correct the movement and strengthen the area that has been causing me an issue. Any time I am injured in the happenings of everyday life, Natasha knows exactly how to rehab my muscles to prevent further injury and strengthen them to be better than before. I’m never letting her go!

    Emmy Hadley Testimonials
  • Angie Podge

    I’ve trained with Natasha for a year and 8 months and she’s been a fundamental part of my ongoing body transformation. She helped take me from someone who always said “I can’t” to someone who is now always up for any new challenge. She helps me track my progress, encourages me to maintain healthy habits at home, makes herself available outside of training sessions, and is an amazing trainer, coach, and friend. As someone who had been overweight my whole life and always hated exercise, I never believed I would ever be fit but she believed in me when I didn’t and I’m so glad I met her when I did.

    Angie Podge Testimonials
  • Candace Hardy

    Working with Natasha has been a true learning experience. When I first started with Natasha I was a mess. My eating habits were horrible, I was addicted to redbulls, and I was 196 lbs which is basically 200 lbs and too big for someone my size. I have made it down to 181 lbs, and my eating habits have completely changed. I used to hate working out and it seems like it’s all I think about now. Natasha has helped me with correcting forms that I thought I knew so well. She is a tough trainer but a great trainer. She gives you all the tools you need to be successful in your health journey.

  • Sarah Rehme

    I started training with Natasha two years ago. She was recommended to me because she specialized in working with people who needed to start with a more therapeutic approach. I had chronic muscle and joint issues that caused a lot of pain. Natasha started off slow with me, working with a lot of physical therapy techniques and light weights. It felt like it took a long time to see improvements but now I can see how much my strength has improved and I’ve built muscle tone. I know now that the slow approach was right for me and that if I had been pushed too hard, I would not have improved like I did. To me, more importantly, I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my muscle and joint issues. Natasha helped me learn how to exercise and how to build strength while maintaining good form. I was able to dead lift over 100 lbs, something I would have never thought possible before I started working with her. She was empathetic when I was going through rough times, encouraging, and motivating. Natasha has helped set me on a path to a healthy life with more strength (mind and body), more energy, and more self-confidence.

    Sarah Rehme Testimonials
  • Andrea Munger

    My favorite form of exercising was always riding my horse and walking my dog. After losing both of them in 2013 and not doing anything for a long time, in August 2014 I decided I needed to get serious about getting in better shape. I joined a gym and signed up for personal training. It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I felt healthier, had more energy and felt better about myself than I had in years.

    I belonged to several different gyms and had numerous trainers over the years, some were better than others. It wasn’t until I started training with Natasha in December 2017 that I realized the trainers I thought were good, really weren’t. Natasha is by far the best trainer I have ever had. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and physical wellness and is able to create personalized training for whatever your goal is, bulking up, slimming down or trying to improve your overall health, at any age. I have a chronic neck condition that limits my ability to do certain exercises, but Natasha was always able to modify the exercise to still work on the muscles she was targeting. Her workouts are challenging, and I am so much stronger. If anyone had told me years ago that at 69 I would be deadlifting 165 lbs., I would have told them they were crazy! I never had a goal of lifting that much weight, but I love the fact that I can.

    The benefits of personal training with Natasha have been evident in my daily life. I had to move several times over the past few years and did all the packing and moving smaller items by myself. I was very aware how greatly improved I was in stamina and muscle strength. Using deadlift mechanics were essential for picking up heavy boxes and hang clean mechanics helped me stack heavy boxes...all done without any back discomfort.

    I moved out of state a few months ago and can no longer train with Natasha in the gym.

    Luckily she has developed a great online training website that has enabled me to continue with her workouts. Even though she isn’t with me for the training, I can still hear her encouraging words that keep me motivated.

    Natasha Boyer is a remarkable young lady, personable, knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients.

    Sarah Rehme Testimonials
  • Janice Stockler

    I have been training with Natasha Boyer for over 2 years. Natasha elevates personal training beyond the physical workout. Her holistic approach to health encompasses food accountability, mindfulness and sleep habits. She believes physical health is only a part of a person’s well-being. In addition to training in person, Natasha designs at home workouts, tracking sheets and an app to assist her clients.

    The Covid-19 shelter in place has proven Natasha's adaptability by providing Facetime workouts and text reminders, which I love!

    Despite my occasional tendency to find excuses to skip workouts, she motivates me beyond what I think I'm capable. She really kicks my butt!

    Natasha is a caring and fun person to work with and is dedicated to her clients!

  • Paula George

    I have been working with Natasha for a couple of months. My arthritis is no longer winning, I am!

    Natasha will meet you at your home, on zoom or at a local small gym in OP! We meet once a week, she sends texts to keep me on track and set up a cool workout app to keep me moving. She is awesome! She is motivating, fun and truly knows her stuff! Reach out to her and start taking care of yourself! ❤️

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”